Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update: The Week So Far

As my life is at it's pinnacle of dullness. I'll probably won't be able to update as much as I would like to.

Saturday night was pretty fun. The Ceili was cool. They were showing how to do some of the Irish dances. The Husband got up and danced with his aunt. We left before he got me to join the dancing. But didn't hesitate to mention that the next time that we do go (if there is a next time) I'm going to be dancing. I just hope that when that time comes, I won't make a complete and utter ass out of myself.

The first half of this week has been pretty uneventful. The weather has been gorgeous so I've been taking The Offspring out to play in the sun. As expected, she loves it. She has taken to throwing the rocks from the driveway into the mud puddles that are around. She also enjoys walking through the puddles. At least they're not too deep or there would have been more of a mess for me to clean up.

My evenings have been low key. I'm trying to get back into writing some fanfiction. I have several started, but I have never been able to finish a serial fiction beyond a couple of chapters. I have an idea that I think might be pretty good for an InuYasha fanfic - AU not canon - but I'm not too sure as to where I'm going to start. I guess I just need to sit down, start writing and see what comes out. I have an Escaflowne/InuYasha crossover fic in the works, maybe I should try and give that one a little more work... Hmmm




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