Friday, March 12, 2010

High School Drama and Other Things

Last night was a change from the normal monotony that usually consumes my life. I had two friends from high school come and visit. And to be honest it was an awesome night. We talked about what's going on in life, remembered high school, and gossiped a bit about those who we don't really hang out with that much.

My girlfriend had brought her son with her, and he was playing with my daughter. Theyr are a year apart so it was interesting to see them interacting. It kind of made me want another kid. LOL. At one point during the night, they were hugging! It was so cute. Too bad I forgot where I had put my camera, because I would have that picture as my desktop background.

During the night we got on the subject of the drama in our lives. Everyone has it. My girlfriend is separated from her husband right now, I have told her that I"ll be there for suppor if she needs it or wants to talk. Well someone found out and proceeded to write nasty messages to her via Facebook. They were the kind of thing that you would expect in high school. It was completely stupid. Last time I checked we were out of high school and in our fucking twenties. It seems that stupid shit like that cannot leave us. It's just so frustraing sometimes.

In other news, I really want FFXIII. Whether or not I get it is up to my husband. We're both gamers so it might be a possibility, but he doesn't like JRPGs like I do. He thinks that I should play some of the other games that he got me but don't really play. The problem with those games are that I"m not really into them. I've tried to play, but it just doesn't get to me. I've kind of adopted the same thing with games as when someone buys me a book: I have to choose what it is. I have gotten books from my MIL and my hisband that I have tried to read but cannot finish. Same with the games. I like choosing what I'm going to play.

Well, hopefully I get the game at some point... Or my husband renews my WoW subscription.

Cross your fingers!

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