Monday, July 19, 2010


So the last couple of days I've been feeling like shit. Most likely because of the pregnancy because I'm just to tired and nauseous.

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm 16 weeks as of Friday, so I'm wondering if I"m going to be able to hear the heartbeat this time. The Husband is going to be taking me to the appointment, as he's been trying to do. He missed so much last time that now that he's around for all of these things, he's trying to be able to take me to the various appointments that I need to be taken to.

I had a dream, not too long ago, that the baby was going to be a boy. This pregnancy is totally different from my last one, so maybe it is a boy. I'm, hopefully, going to be able to find out the sex at my next ultrasound appointment, which is the beginning of August. I honestly kind of want a little boy, as I already have a girl. It will round out our little family just nicely, I think. Of course, I want a healthy baby first and foremost, but having a little boy would be nice.

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