Saturday, May 29, 2010

Morning sickness sucks...

As the title to this post says, morning sickness sucks. I"m almost constantly gagging on anything. Okay... Not everything, but practically everything that has a disgusting scent. Which at this moment is everything in my kitchen. I swear, I cleaning that mother fucker out a couple of time, removed the garbage and food, and I can still find something to almost vomit over.

The Husband tries not to laugh. And asks if I'm okay. But sometimes it's just so random that I occaisionally hear a little laugh while I run to the bathroom to make sure I don't vomit all over the floor. But knowing how upset my stomach has been, he goes out and gets me soem ginger ale and crackers, hoping that it will make me feel better. And just the gesture helps me out a little bit. :)

I've also been so tired as of late. Last night we went to a BBQ at The Husband's Sargeant's house. We got home around 8:30-ish and I went to bed almost right after The Child was in bed. I was just so wiped. I slept until 8:00 this morning. I don't feel like going to bed right now (it's only about 10:25PM), but I can feel it coming soon.

So, this pregnancy is going as expected so far. My OB/GYN is the same person I had when I gave birth to The Child, and my first appointment with him is Thursday. Then I have and ultrasound for dating a week after that.

For this pregnancy, I'm kind of excited that The Husband is going to be able to experience more than he did last time. He's going to be here, and hopefully not on any courses. He said he was going to try and make it for the OB/GYN appointment.

Here's to a healthy pregnancy! XD

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