Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter XD

So today is Easter Sunday and since it's one of those holidays that you go and have a big dinner, we went to The In-Law's place for turkey dinner. It was a good meal, I was busy helping in the kitchen for most of the morning and afternoon. The day was a long one but it was also kind of short. We got over to the In-Laws in the morning, around 10:30, which is early for us, and we're usually late for thing (because The Husband takes after his perpetually late mother).

I got The Child a couple of small things for Easter. Nothing to special as she is only 19 months old. An outfit, some sidewalk chalk, and a stuffed animal. When she saw it all in her Easter basket, it was kind of cute.

Right now, I'm just winding down from the day. True Blood is going to be on soon. I'm really liking that show. I like vampire stories and the such, and it's refreshing to see something that is more following vampire lore as opposed to sparkley vamps. (I HATE Twilight).

Tomorrow the Husband is still home from work, until Thursday. So hopefully he doesn't put that much of a cramp into my daily life until then. LOL

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